About the Trust and its members

Back in 2015, a group of forward-thinking Charleston locals started to build a section of shingle track between Rotten Row and the Nile Bridge in Charleston. Out of that action the idea for a trail that goes all the way through to Westport was hatched. Soon a group of residents from Westport, Carters Beach, Cape Foulwind and Charleston were meeting regularly to discuss the options. 

In 2016, the group formalised as the Charleston-Westport Coastal Trail Trust and so the Kawatiri Coastal Trail was born. The project gained huge support from the community and stakeholders and in late 2016 was included in the National Governments Regional Growth Study. This resulted in access to $100,000 from M.B.I.E and Development West Coast to develop a business case and feasibility study. 

When the Labour Government came to power in October 2017, there was a new regional development support funding pool known as the Provincial Growth Fund. The Trust prepared an application aligned with their completed business case and in November 2018, the project was granted full funding of $9.36 Million. Currently the project is in the detailed design and consenting stage.

Charleston–Westport Coastal Trail Trust

Incorporated in 2016

Richard Niederer Chairperson Project team
Stu Henley Trustee Project team
Peter Campbell Treasurer Project team
Siobhan Neill Secretary
Evan Morris Trustee
Jeff Richards Trustee
Jeanette Goode Trustee
Sarah Stephen Trustee
Annabel Gosset Trustee
Steve White Project Coordinator
Ant Black Advisor